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paros greece

Paros is blest with many beautiful villages. There are many of them both along the coastline, as well as in Paros inland. In this article we will present to you three of the most interesting villages, besides the two most well-known. These are Aliki, Lefkes and Piso Livadi.

Aliki Village

paros greece

Aliki village is situated on the south coast of Paros, about 14 km away from White Blossom. The recent years it has become more and more popular due to its beauty. It features a large fleet of fishing boats, sometimes docked spectacularly in the bay. Due to this fact, you will find many fish taverns in Aliki, especially on the “pier”. Therefore, as you can understand, most of them are by the sea. Of course there are also many cafes, where you can relax before or after your lunch.
As a coastal village in Paros, Aliki also features sandy beach. On some spots there are sunbeds and umbrellas. If they are all occupied, there are few trees offering natural shade.
To reach Aliki, if you don’t have car or a scooter, you can use the local bus line.


paros greece

This is probably the third most well-known village, after Parikia and Naoussa. This stunning place is built among Paros mountains and it is the highest village of the island. The description will not be fair to its uniqueness. Therefore, you have to visit it! In Lefkes village you will find few taverns offering delicious dishes. This is an opportunity to try local recipes, transferred from generation to generation. There are also traditional cafes in the main square. There is also a small museum which you can visit before or after your walk in the alleys.
You can prepare yourself for a panoramic view of Naxos island and as far as your eye goes. Lefkes is located 11 km away from White Blossom and there is a connection by local bus line.

Piso Livadi

paros greece

Piso Livadi is another one picturesque coastal village. It is located on the east coast of Paros, 17 km away from our hotel. If you don’t have your own mean of transport, you can use the bus. This is also quite interesting village. It features taverns and cafes by the sea, sandy beach right in the middle of the settlement and also Logaras beach. The last one is quite popular among visitors of Paros. Piso Livadi has its own fleet of fishing boats. Therefore, you will enjoy fresh seafood dishes in local taverns. You can take an opportunity of unforgettable adventure from the village’ harbor. There are tour boats offering daily cruises from Piso Livadi. The destinations are Koufonisia or/and Naxos island, depending on the season.
If you have your own mean of transport, it is quite easy to combine your visit to Lefkes Village and Piso Livadi.


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