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Paros is an island known for its numerous beaches. There are definitely more of them than you can visit in one season, unless you will stay for about two months! Therefore, we selected top 5 beaches that you should not miss during your visit. Your days in Paros might not be enough to visit all 5 beaches. So, if you have your own mean of transport we suggest you visit two in one day.

Marcello Beach
best paros beaches

Marcello beach is located in Parikia Bay opposite to our capital. You will need a car or a scooter to reach it, as it is 4km away from our hotel and there are no buses going to Marcello. You should know that Krios beach shares the same beach line with Marcello. Therefore, visiting one is like being on the other.
Both of them consist of sand and crystal sea. You will swim with Parikia for a view, as well as ships arriving in Paros. There are sunbeds and umbrellas on both beaches. Yet, due to the popularity of Marcello and Krios, their number is not enough. Especially during the high season, this part of the island attracts locals and visitor from all over Paros. So, if you arrive here early, you should find not occupied sunbeds. If you have your own sun umbrella, we suggest you take it with you just in case. There is a beach bar on Marcello that offers a variety of drinks and dishes. Therefore, you can enjoy your lunch here and sunbathe at the same time.
There is another way to reach Krios beach and therefore, Marcello beach. That is by a traditional boat from the port of Parikia. Every hour or so (it varies from season to season) there are boats departing from Parikia to Krios and back. This is more adventurous way to get to those two beaches.


best paros beaches

Introductions are not needed in this case, as Kolymbithres beach is the “signature” of Paros. Named by some as the nature’s art, Kolymbithres consists of sculpted rocks. This is an outcome of erosion lasting millions of years. Among the rocks, you will find two quite small sandy beaches. Both of them offer sunbeds and umbrellas, as there is a beach bar on Kolymbithres. The unique aspect here is that the famous rocks form small bays in some spots, less than 2 meters long. You can use them as your private beach. You will find few taverns in the area if you like to have dinner here.
Kolymbithres is situated 11km away from White Blossom. You can get there using your own mean of transport or by caique boat. The second way is definitely the one we suggest. First, you will get to Naoussa village. From there you will take caique, which is a traditional fishing boat transform to transfer people. The departure spot is right across of the small bridge, usually every 30 minutes.

Santa Maria & Small Santa Maria

best paros beaches

As you were looking for information about Paros island, you probably stumped on Santa Maria beach but not on Small Santa Maria. The first one is a famous beach in Paros. It is a long sandy paradise, stretching for more than 500 meters. You will find a beach bar here, as well as umbrellas, sunbeds and restaurant. If you like water sports, you will have the opportunity to participate is some of them in Santa Maria. Swimming in crystal waters with Naxos island for a view is really enjoyable.
Small Santa Maria is the “younger brother” of the “regular” Santa Maria. It is situated about 1 km to the north from the “big” Santa Maria. It might be confusing to find the path to Small Santa Maria. Therefore, first of all you should find the restaurant called “To Dichti” (ΤΟ ΔΙΧΤΥ in Greek) on your GPS. The entrance towards Small Santa Maria is right across the small street. There is a sign showing you the way. You might not believe it but this is one of the favorite beaches of local people. It is divided to organized and unspoiled. Therefore, you have two choices of experience on one beach. On the organized part of Small Santa Maria, you can order your coffee or anything else on the beach.


This is the beach you should visit if you find your way to south coast of Paros. The location of Faragas is quite distant, about 15 km away from White Blossom, yet it is just 20 minute ride. Also it is enjoyable, as you will drive with Antiparos island for a view. Faragas is hidden in a small bay and it consists of sand and small pebbles. It features a beach bar and therefore, umbrellas and sunbeds. It might get crowded as the beach is not that big. The rule here is the same, get here earlier and you will find a better spot. During days with good visibility, you will see as far as Ios and Sikinos.


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